Daylighthouse 1

Almere - 2007

The limits of a large plot just outside Almere have been used to create an extensive bungalow. The outside is emphasized by a solid wall. On the inside, a surprising variety of open spaces is created by a structure of columns that carry a shed roof.

The client preferred only ground level spaces. The architect then proposed to use openings in the roof for bringing enough daylight in the living spaces. This idea is consistently elaborated and became the main characteristic of the exterior and interior.

The program is optimized underneath the wooden structure. There are three levels of entering the house: passing the solid wall, underneath the roof, and finally through a door. Openings in the wall are strategically positioned and emphasized by sharp steel frames.

The shed roof is open to the north and painted white on the inside. This offers all the space underneath the roof an overwhelming amount of daylight. On the outside the optimally orientated roof is covered with natural copper, which transports solar heat to a huge boiler system.

Title: Daylighthouse 1

Client: private

Address: Slotbos 3, Almere, NL

Size: 450m2 and annex 100m2

Design: 2003-2004

Construction: 2004-2007

Team: Sander Mirck & David K├╝nzel

Structural engineer: Boorsma, Drachten

Contractor: Bouwbedrijf Overgooi, Almere

Photography: Rene de Wit