North Holland - 2022

Close to the dunes of the North Sea, a new landscape design offers a plot for a longhouse. Between the plot and the dunes is a wide meadow. The clients prefer maximum view over the meadow, and maximum daylight comfort inside the house. The house should offer optimal experiences of the nature outside:

A room-in-a-view.

Skillion roofs will protect against glare and heat from the west, while providing diffuse light from the east. North and west facades allow panoramic views into the landscape. The dynamic light inside is related to the views, and vice versa. Sliding doors open the full west facade of the kitchen diner to the terrace. On the north high windows show the sky and a raised lookout gives the ultimate landscape experience.

The Longhouse is approached on the south east side. A path leads under the skillion roof where it follows the facade to the front door. The entrance space is in the middle of the Longhouse, perpendicular to the ridge. As the ceiling rises to the rooflight, the route follows the direction of the ridge again. From the heart of the house both light and view increases as one moves from the center of the house towards the north west.

The south east wing of the house is hidden behind a built-in closet wall in the entrance space. Doors in the built-in closet wall provide access to a library and a patio in the middle of the sleeping wing. The introvert setting is in contrast with the extravert living spaces in the north west wing.

The Longhouse will primarily be made of wood, with only limited steel support in the large openings on the northwest. The timber walls are cladded with vertical planks, dark on the outside, light on the inside entrance and terrace. The skillion roofs are made of massive cross laminated timber and covered with sedum moss.

Impression of the long west side of the Longhouse

  • Title: Longhouse
  • Location: Kennemer Dunes, North-Holland
  • Size: house 250m2 and annex 100m2
  • Design: 2020-2021
  • Construction: 2022-2023
  • Team: Sander Mirck, David Künzel, Maurice Visser
  • Structural engineer: Lüning, Arnhem
  • Installation engineer: Tree, Delft
  • Contractor: t.b.d.