Recycled Suburbia

Diemen - 2010

The design for the Bergwijkpark is based on the Smart Suburbia plea (2006) by Tom Bergevoet Architecture and Mirck Architecture. Four principles summarize the plea and determined the design process.

  • Layered urbanism; building on the history reusing elements and structures.
  • Buildings being facilitors; spaces for combinations of all kind of functions.
  • Public space participation; design of inside spaces, outside spaces and its interactions.
  • Credible identity; context as a useful motive.
  • Building: Recycled Suburbia, research design, Diemen Amsterdam
  • Address: Bergwijkpark Oost, Diemen
  • Floor area: 14.000 m2 new, 30.000 m2 renovation
  • Design: 2010
  • Programme: housing in combination with almost everything
  • Design: Mirck Architecture, Amsterdam
  • Team: Sander Mirck, David K├╝nzel, Ule Koopmans, Freek Leber