Expo Seeing the light!

Haarlem - 2022
ABC exhibition

Architecture Centre Haarlem – on the importance of daylight in architectural design

Everyone needs daylight, whether at home, at school or at their work. The purpose of “Seeing the Light” is to investigate how architectural design can allow the daylight to contribute to a pleasant and healthy indoor climate.

A daily portion of daylight is good for us. We know that daylight has a positive effect on our health and on our mood in general. Daylight is restful and relaxed and it supports our productivity and promotes a feeling of security and satisfaction. The more time we spend in daylight, the more satisfied we feel. But how can we get enough of it? After all, we spend almost 90% of our time indoors. The exhibition “Seeing the Light” is about getting more daylight into the home, at our workplace, and into buildings in general.

ABC Architecture centre Hall 1 and 2

The exhibition “Seeing the Light” includes five examples of designs by the architect Sander Mirck. In his projects he likes to combine the needs of daylight penetration with the enjoyment of views into the surroundings. His buildings are not only presented with photos and films, but also with analyses and moving daylight simulations.

For more information about planned lectures and excursions, please see the ABC website.

Text: Alan Barker

This exhibition is a co-production with:

ABC Architectuurcentrum Haarlem

Mirck Architecture

Foundation Dutch Daylight

Border Architecture (Al-light hall 2)

Archief Amsterdam (V&D hall 2)

Teylers Museum (hall 2)

DOK Architecten, crematorium (hall 2)

Photography: Katja Effting (hall 1), Rene de Wit (Daylighthouse 1)

Films: Vincent Schuttel (hall 1), Mirck Architecture (V&D hall 2)

Animations: Mirck Architecture

Models: Mirck Architecture (hall 1), Border Architecture (hall 2)