Student Care Housing

Rotterdam - 2011

A company that develops housing for people with a handicap asked Mirck Architecture to investigate a complicated site in the centre of Rotterdam. Research and design resulted in a possible housing complex for 19 to 37 care apartments.

On land Mirck projected a wooden structure with a lot of daylight and variety. Another part of the complex could be floating on the big canal adjacent to the building site. The relatively large roof is used as a lifted park for the students who live in the complex underneath.

  • Building: Student care housing
  • Client: Confidential
  • Address: Struisenburg, Oostzeedijk
  • Floor area: 2500-3400m2
  • Design: 2011
  • Programme: 19-37 care apartments
  • Design: Mirck Architecture, Amsterdam
  • Team: Sander Mirck, Bram van den Heuvel