Winner Daylight Award

Summer Solstice means every other year the ceremony of the Dutch Daylight Award. The architecture prize rewards outstanding daylight architecture. The award has two categories: for buildings larger than 1000m2 and for buildings smaller than 1000m2. In the last categorie the competent jury unanimously chose Daylighthouse 3 as the winner.

According to the jury: “Daylighthouse 3 is a multidisciplinary lesson, exceeding our expectations. The daylight moves along with form, space and materials, in a convincing design.” For one of the jury members the room-in-a-view is considered a surprising discovery. Residing in Daylighthouse 3 gives you the feeling of being part of the landscape. Views and daylight intensify one another.

In 2022 Daylighthouse 3 will be part of the exhibition “See the light!” in the ABC Architecture centre Haarlem. The exhibition is about the value and influence of daylight in architecture, inspired by Mirck’s exhibition ‘Daylighthouse’ (Amsterdam, 2019). The accessible presentation is an exchange between architecture, physics and biology, suggesting a new Enlightenment.

Jury Report of the Foundation Dutch Daylight (in Dutch)

Project page of Daylighthouse 3