Active House Award Nomination Daylighthouse


Daylighthouse 3 is one of the shortlisted projects for the 2022 Active House Awards. The Award Ceremony will take place during the 2022 Symposium, organized by Active House Alliance Netherlands at De Doelen, Rotterdam, on April 13th, 2022.

President of the Jury – Prof Marco Imperadori:

“The jury has appreciated the matches of New European Bauhaus values of Sustainability, Beauty and Inclusion with the Active House criteria of Comfort, Energy and Environment. The entries came from all over the world, showing how the Active House vision is becoming more consistent, producing a beautiful solution for our future”.

Comfort was one of the leading design parameters for Daylighthouse 3, with a priority for daylight and view. The daylight level is very high in the living spaces, contributing to a particular comfort: in this ‘room-in-a view’ one feels part of the landscape, when experiencing the same natural light inside and outside.

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