Timber Hotel completed

Timber Hotel

After 9 months of great teamwork the 3 wooden buildings of the Timber Hotel are finished. Hundreds of guests are creating a pleasant atmosphere, using the many routes and views through the inner gardens. The overall presence of wood contributes to the special place, in the buildings and in the surrounding forests.

Over 200 hotel rooms and many supporting spaces cover around 8500m2 of floor area. The rooms in the two new wings are ranging from 20m2 to 40m2. In the central building all rooms are unique and combined for larger groups. This particular building used to be a large restaurant, and is transformed into hotel and restaurant.

At this moment the Timber Hotel is selected for the Timber Architecture Award in the Netherlands. November 14 the winner will be announced. Until then it is possible to leave your vote for the public award: with this link you can vote for the Timber Hotel, by pressing the green button ‘stem op dit project’ (Dutch for ‘vote for his project’).

Link to the Timber Hotel presentation